Flash Fitness

Flash Fitness shoot


Model  - Samuel Gordon

Location - Black Country Barbell

Last week, I went and met up with Samuel Gordon, a personal trainer and nutritionist for his business Flash Fitness.

He was looking to have a photoshoot done capturing a range of different shots of himself doing different exercises which show his strength and definition as a personal trainer,  but it also shows to his clients what he can do and his knowledge as someone who does this for a living.

As a location we decided to use the Black Country Barbell, an up and coming gym based in Stourbridge with a great range of equipment and space to work with perfect for this shoot, I was also a fan of the colours with this gym red and black tones which gave it a nice dark and gloomy look to work with whilst it being well lit with a lot of natural light coming through.

Here are a range of shots I captured from this shoot, capturing Flash Fitness at what he does best!

Studio Shoot with Spacejumpsalute

DJSpacejumpsalute - Marcus 

Studio - Boxed Studios

Last week I got asked to do a shoot from an up and coming DJ into the music scene Space Jump Salute.

He came to me with the idea of getting some press shots done for his music, Marcus had previously seen work I have done with other shoots and chose me as his photographer to capture his shoot in my style.

He was exceptionally fond of my double exposure work I had created.

We did a couple hours shoot using a range of backdrops, I went for colours which I felt stood out and reflected on his social media pages such as instagram and facebook and his music style.

I went for a rustic orange and a sage green, the lighting I decided to use was an Octabox which lights up my subject perfectly with a nice soft light for the majority of the shoot as well as using a singular soft box to create different light and tones onto my subject from different angles.

He brought along a wardrobe of colourful clothing to suit the idea of the shoot and blended well with the backdrops chosen.

Overall I felt the shoot was a success and happy with the outcome of what I got out of the shoot.

Below are a few shots I had taken from this shoot.

Berlin Trip

On the 8th January 2018 I took a small trip to the city of Berlin In Germany.

It felt great to be in another city exploring somewhere i’ve always wanted to travel to it has defiantly made me decide to do a lot more travelling this year!

I enjoyed seeing all the main attractions in the area of Mitte in Berlin which is where I stayed it was also great to explore out and see the other areas of Berlin too. 

Seeing the East Side Gallery was one of my favourite parts of Berlin seeing the Berlin Wall with all the Street Art was just amazing to see! It was fascinating to see all the different art and history of the Berlin Wall so much colour and detail. I loved all the independent stores in Berlin too, reminded me much of the Shoreditch area in London.

Here are some of the images I got to capture in Berlin.

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