How Ive edited this image

Here is an unedited Raw File of my image, I am going to show a step by step of how I edited this image to get to the final result of what I wanted.

Firstly I wanted to correct the background in my image as there was dirt marks on floor, and a faded line in the background that I wanted to get rid of. I have duplicated my image (command + J) then by clicking on filter in the menu, drop down to noise and then median this will blur all my image out blurring the background of the marks I want to get rid of, its a much easier and quicker way to retouch the background, I adjusted the radius to about 45.

I then created a mask layer over the layer I was adjusting these settings on my image, and using the brush tool with the colour black to paint onto the white mask layer bring back my subject into the image so this would only affect my background of the image as you can see in the screenshot above.

I then wanted to go over my subject make sure theres no dirt marks or anything on the clothing of my subject, simply just using the spot removal tool to do this, as you can see this image is quite clean so this didnt really take long at all.

Once doing a quick clean up on my subject, I then wanted to clean up the skin on my subject as you can see there isnt a lot of work to do on her skin anyway but again using the spot healing tool firstly to remove anything like spots or the small pieces of hair on her forehead first and then in more depth using frequency separation to do an overall clean up on her face.

With Frequency Separation, as you can see it creates seperate layers to be able to work on the texture and the colour separately whilst editing, I am now going to work more in depth on my model’s skin but again this won’t take too long too do as theres not much to clean up.

Using frequency separation and adjusting the mode at the top in photoshop between light and dark, to suit how I was going to edit my models skin, making slight changes as I still like to keep it as natural as possible and haven’t really had to touch my models skin in this image to further edit her skin in more depth.

Here is a final result of my image as you can tell I have only needed to make slight changes to the final edit.

Taken and Edited by Me.

Model : Nicole Fearnley.

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